Sanitri Kashi

Wise Battle Ready Samsaran


samsaran.jpg She may be slim, but is genetically fused with the blood of infernal giving her strength! She wields a Greatsword 2D8,x2 19-20. A Revolver 1D8 x4, And a Warbow 2D6 x3, She is an Arena Queen which gives her insight and will bonuses and a bonus to AC she uses the Blade and Shield Stance which she can be proficient in shield bashing and 2 weapon fighting she is also skilled and hand to hands combat from her brawler class.


samsaran_sword.jpg while a typical greatsword is 2 handed her is modded to be an one handed slim blade with the power and length of a greatsword!
she grew up in a noble royal family that was an princess, her family was attacked one day and the castle along with it, not wanting to die and become a slave to the attackers she ranned away retreating her home and starting anew, she changed her look and name and infused her blood with an bloodrager, her brother to become stronger, she is serious and blood soaked for vengeance she believes the world will be a better place without guns and magic, however she uses a gun to keep up with her enemies, she hates the Pulstar child, Atticarr, because he was the destined on to kill her…

Sanitri Kashi

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